Meet With Us

Roberto Pella

President of the Confederatio​n

“We believe in Europe. We believe in cooperation among people, and we believe the XXI Century will be the one of major transitions. Of course, we think of climate change and the green new deal. But let’s not forget demography, geography and geopolitics.

Europe is getting older. There are numerous challenges ahead, even more so for small towns & municipalities of the peripheral areas. The phenomenon will question our ways of life, & our understanding of our societies, across Europe: better foresee to adjust than react and endure.

Concentration is around the corner: brain drain & population density are challenging in terms of citizens choosing how & where they want to live, express themselves and build their children’s future. I believe in small towns to answer the institutional, political & confidence crises all around Europe. Preventing Territorial divides and inequalities, promoting fair distribution of Human, social & economic resources will be key to our peoples harmoniously living together.”

Tugdual Le Lay

General Secretary

“Sustainable development, access to and amount of the EU funds available, territorial divides as well as attractiveness of all living and economic areas: small towns – and even more those in the peripheries or in rural areas – are often forgotten. We need to team up at EU level to make sure our voices are heard in Brussels.
A fair and balanced territorial network and coverage of our lands make sense, more than ever before: “localism” and proximity are the keywords of the XXI Century. Whether we refer to public services, citizenship, food, local economy or sustainable development, politics and government in the EU must be closer to its people.
The EU must be a union of citizens, for citizens – wherever they live. Of that depends the future of our Union as well as of our small towns.
We are a citizen lobby who wants to contribute to the protection and promotion of our environmental, economic and social common goods, for the general interest.”